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At Eucerin, we dedicate our passion and expertise to your skin. We develop clinically proven dermo-cosmetic solutions that protect and maintain skin's health.

Quality Matters

Our ingredient selection follows high internal standards regarding efficacy, safety, and responsible sourcing. We work continuously to combine the highest level of product efficacy with a reduced impact on the balance of the environment. 

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What Are Microplastics?

The United Nations Environment Program (UNEP) defines Microplastics as solid, non-water-soluble, and non-biodegradable plastic particles that are five millimeters or less in size. Primary Microplastics are intentionally created as tiny particles to use as a product ingredient. In contrast, secondary Microplastics are the by-product of large plastic pieces as they break down into smaller pieces due to erosion and exposure to natural elements.

How Do Microplastics Impact Our Environment?

Plastic pollution is one of the most significant environmental challenges of our time. Regardless of how Microplastics end up in the environment, they can and do remain in our natural world for generations. As they break down very slowly, they are a source of both soil and marine pollution around the world. As such, they are considered potentially harmful to the environment. 

We started years ago to rigorously replace Microplastics 1  from our Eucerin cosmetic formulations and are proud that we have reached our goal to be free of microplastics in our cosmetic formulations since end of 2023.

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Eucerin’s 2025 Ambitions

As a global skincare pioneer, we are redefining our approach to sustainability and are committed to an ambitious agenda. Following four key sustainability ambitions, we pledge to formulate and package the Eucerin products you know and love in a more sustainable way.

1 Cosmetic formulations excluding OTC-products & Microplastic according to UNEP definition (United Nations Environmental Program)